You found your dream dress & your dream partner. 


Time to #GetBeFitted.

BeFitted provides end-to-end wedding dress services from taking your measurements to order your dress, to highly-specialized tailoring to get the perfect fit of your dress, to preserving your dress using museum-grade techniques after the party is over. 

Services We Offer:

  • Dress Measurements
  • Bridal Tailoring and Alterations
    • Bodice fitting (bust, waist, hips)
    • Hemming + length adjustment
    • Sleeve length and cut
    • Dress cups/padding + boning
    • Personalized neckline + straps
    • Custom train + bustles (including train removal)
    • Dress repair (tears, zippers, fraying, etc.)
  • Wedding Dress Cleaning, Restoration, and Preservation


So you've booked your BeFitted appointment... 

You are one step closer to making your wedding dress dreams come true! Here's the 411 on what you should know and prepare for in anticipation of your private fitting.


Step 1: Book a fitting

5-6 months before the wedding

Select an open slot on our booking page. If you don't see a time that works for you, you can join the waitlist. You'll get an automatic confirmation with details on how you should prepare for your first fitting - yay!

Book early if possible. We may not be able to accommodate if you need your dress within 3 months. Our appointments go fast, especially during peak wedding season (Spring and Fall). When it comes to your wedding dress, it's better to play it safe than sorry!

A friendly reminder - booking an appointment online guarantees a consultation only. If you choose to take the consultation only, the appointment fee is $50. This fee is waived if you proceed with the alterations the same day. Booking an appointment does not guarantee that we will be able to alter your dress for you.

Step 2: The First Fitting

4 months before the wedding

For your first fitting, you will have 30 minutes blocked off with us one-on-one. We'll begin our time together by getting details about your wedding including logistics information such as the date, time, location, venue type, and photography plans. At this time we'll also ask you to show us any photos you have that help convey your vision for the final look of the dress, whether it is a photo of you with the wedding dress clipped from the dress store, or a stock photo of a model wearing the dress if applicable. Please limit yourself to one guest. Our studio is not childproof so please refrain from bringing your little ones!

Next, we'll have you change into your wedding dress with the selected undergarments you've brought with you and the pair of shoes you've chosen. We'll then get you in front of a mirror so that you can see the dress, and begin pinning the dress to show you what areas can be better fitted and what the final product could look like. 

Then we will help you get out of your dress and present you with a base quote for the work we anticipate will be needed to get your dress tailored. We will then have you review and sign our tailoring agreement and put down 50% of the base quote amount as a deposit so that we can get started with the work.

What to bring with you:

  • Your dress
  • Your chosen undergarments - strapless bras, shapewear (including Spanx), etc.
  • Shoes (If you haven't decided on your final footwear choice, find a pair of shoes of similar height or style)
  • Your veil and any hair accessories

We will then schedule the second fitting, sending you an email confirmation with your receipt and calendar invites for your next appointment.

Step 3: The Second Fitting

1-2 months before the wedding

At your second fitting, we will block off another 30 minutes for you in a one-on-one session with us. We will show you the first round of alterations and get you back into the dress. At this point, we will assess the fit of the dress and determine if the dress should be taken in, taken out, or can remain the same. We'll pin up any other alterations that need to be added at that time and make any adjustments.

What to bring with you:

  • Your chosen undergarments - strapless bras, shapewear (including Spanx), etc.
  • Shoes (If you haven't decided on your final footwear choice, find a pair of shoes of similar height or style)
  • Your veil and any hair accessories

We will then coordinate with you to arrange a method for you to pick-up your dress and book your final fitting. There are several pick-up options you should consider:

  • Pick-up: You or someone on your behalf (we'll need your consent) will pick-up your dress from our studio.
  • Delivery: We drop off your dress to your home, freshly steamed and wrinkle-free. Additional fees apply.
  • On-site Delivery + Support: For local weddings in the Northern Virginia/Washington, D.C. area, we will arrive on your wedding site and help you get into your dress (and help you get to the bathroom!) and troubleshoot any last minute issues that may arise for you and your bridal party. Additional fees apply.

We will also walk you through some steaming and pressing options which you can add at this point in the process.

1 month-2 weeks before the wedding

We will get you into the dress one last time and confirm that all fits well. Then we'll close your final balance, give you a few pointers on what to do next with your dress, and walk you through your bustle (if you have one!). Then you will be off on your *marry* way and the dress is yours again!

Step 4: the final fitting + Pick-up

1 month after the wedding

After you've picked up your dress, and *gotten married* (!!!) we invite you to come back for the full suite of after-care services. We offer the following services if applicable:

  • Dress Dry and Spot Cleaning
  • Restoration of Beading, Lace, and Delicate Materials
  • Preservation and Boxing

Step 5: After-Care + Preservation


Book your first fitting in < than 1 min.