At BeFitted, we are details people.

And we’re glad that it appears you are too. Below are some frequently asked questions we get about wedding dress fittings.


    How soon will my dress to be ready?

    The fitting process for wedding dresses typically takes 3.5 whole months. We recommend brides meet with us at least 4 months before the wedding. Book early to save yourself from the head and heartache!

    We do take rush orders for brides who need their dresses within 12 weeks (20-40% surcharge added), although this will vary based off season and availability. Should an emergency arise, we can sometimes accommodate brides who need their dresses sooner than a month. This is all dependent however on our schedule and capacity at any given time. Feel free to contact us to see if we can work with you to get your dress prepared in time for your wedding.

    However, life happens, and we really do urge brides to meet with us early to be "safe rather than sorry."


    Do you have a written price list?

    No, we do not, and we don't know of any reputable bridal tailoring company that does. Wedding dresses come in about a million different varieties, and so do people. We do not offer quotes over the phone or via email because every bride and dress is different.

    If you are wondering how much bridal alterations cost, the best next step would be to book a consultation and meet with us. Consultations are complimentary for brides who put their dresses down that day; otherwise the appointment fee is $50 ($30 for bridesmaids and formal wear clients). After we get you in the dress, we'll give you an electronic document with an estimate for the work. We've conducted hundreds of fittings and the vast majority of brides choose to leave their dresses with us the same day! 

    No show appointments and late cancellations will incur the standard appointment fee.

    Appointments for measurements are a flat $30 appointment fee for both brides and bridesmaids.


    how do bridal fittings work?

    You can learn more about the process you can expect to go through on our BeFitted Brides page here

    As a note, most wedding dresses are altered in a set of three appointments - your first being your initial consultation. If more than three appointments are required, we will let you know during your second fitting. 

    If you would like an additional fitting scheduled that is not one that we require, there is a $50 appointment fee. Please come ready with all accessories, shape wear, and finalized shoe selection.


    Are there any restrictions on dresses you alter?

    Not usually - we will alter any dress regardless of where it was purchased, as long as the dress retains its structural integrity and can be worked with. The only exception is vintage dresses. BeFitted does not alter dresses that are vintage, keepsake, or heirloom. Some dresses that are older or are samples may not support the changes you'd like seen, in that case, we will be honest with you and let you know if we would not be able to you tailor your dress.

    If you would like to customize your dress (adding or removing sleeves, adding beading, etc.), please bring these materials including the fabric with you to your first appointment. 

    Please note that BeFitted does not sell dresses and we only alter them.


    Can I bring guests/#squad with me?

    You are welcome to bring one guest with you to your fitting. Obviously the decision to bring someone with you is up to you, but we have seen many brides, and we promise that having your mom + your sister + your best friend + your roommate + your long lost cousin with you will never play out as dreamy as it does in your head. If you choose to bring someone along for the fitting, ask someone who knows you well and can be real with you. Please do not bring little ones with you if possible; our studio is not child-safe and we cannot be held liable for injuries. You will be held responsible for any damage done to our space.

    The majority of brides come solo. We think this is a smart decision. If you need an honest second opinion, we'll be happy to give it to you.


    Does BeFitted steam and dry-clean?

    Absolutely, and you’ll be surprised what a difference finishing touches can make on the final look and feel of your gown. We will dry clean your gown to get it clean and pristine, and can steam or press your dress for a surcharge. We also offer spot-cleaning services to ensure your dress achieves that brilliant white look. Ask us about cleaning, boxing, and preservation after your wedding if you’d like a keepsake box.

    There are certain situations where we cannot dry clean your dress due to the material or fragility of the garment. In those cases, we will let you know -  full disclosure - should you ask.


    Can I leave/store my dress?

    Yes! After we’ve performed the desired alterations on your dress, we can keep your dress in the back of our studio for a flat fee of $50 for up to 60 days. If at any point you would like to see the dress or take it home with you, we’d be happy to arrange that for you should you contact us in advance.


    Can I do a drop-in?

    All BeFitted clients are seen by appointment only. Meeting with our clients one-on-one allows us to get to know you better, hear your story, and get a stronger understanding of your vision for your dress and what is most important to you. It also allows us to give you our full attention. Each of your bridal fittings with BeFitted is private, and we do not see other clients when we are with you.


    Can you fit my bridal party?

    Yes! We serve bridesmaids and mothers of the wedding party all the time. As a note, we only alter formal and bridal wear for women, so we would not be able to help the men in your life suit up.


    What are your payment policies?

    We take cash, check, and credit card. You will not be able to take a dress home with you if there is an outstanding balance on it. The deposit is non-refundable.


    Do I need to arrive early?

    We do ask that you are punctual and on-time. Come in 5 minutes early and you'll have a chance to settle in. We often see clients back-to-back and want to honor all of the the appointment commitments we make with our clients.

    If for some reason, we are running behind, we will or text you to give you a heads-up. We ask that you would give us the same courtesy as well!


    What is the best way to contact you?

    We get a lot of phone calls. If we’re unable to pick up the phone when you ring, feel free to text us and we’ll connect with you when we have a free moment.

    The best way to reach us is email. We’re internet people. We typically respond within a few hours and can give more exhaustive responses than over text.


    why befitted?

    Our favorite question. We differentiate ourselves in a number of ways:

    • Most importantly, we are simply the most experienced and talented set of hands you could entrust your dress with in the DC-VA-MD region. We only alter wedding dresses and women's formal attire. Our principal has over 30 years of experience sewing wedding dresses. You really can't beat that.
    • We offer truly private fittings meaning that it will just be us and you, 1-on-1 for your appointment, without any random people walking in off the street to gawk and observe.
    • You can reach us through modern means - book an appointment online in < 1 min, email, or text us.
    • We're open on weekends and weeknight evenings, meaning you don't have to leave work in the middle of the day for fitting.
    • We get most of our brides in and out in 3 total fittings (including the initial consultation) - we won't waste your time or ours by sewing while you're in.
    • We're a mother-daughter team. We're family. When you become a BeFitted Bride, you become family too. That means we'll always give you a truthful opinion with your best interest in mind.
    • Oh, and of course we are 5-star rated on The Knot, Wedding Wire, Google, and Yelp :)

    We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.