Wedding Dress Fitting Tips + Tricks

Thinking about getting your wedding dress tailored? Already booked your first appointment with BeFitted?

Here are our pro-tips for making sure that your wedding dress fitting goes as smoothly as possible:

  1. Arrive to your appointment on-time. We are often fully booked and see clients back-to-back-to-back. Maximize your time with us by arriving to your appointment a few minutes early or right on-time!
  2. Come clean-faced and make-up free.  The first couple of times you get into your wedding dress could be tricky. Mitigate any risk of getting make-up on your white dress by coming fresh-faced and au natural!
  3. Don't come straight from the gym. It's harder to change in and out of clothing quickly when you're sweaty! Shower first and cool off before your appointment.
  4. Try not to eat right before your meal. Post-meal belly bloat is real! And we don't want you to food coma during your fitting :)
  5. Let your dress wrinkles out. If you ordered your dress online, take your dress out of the box and hang it in your closet for a week to let wrinkles out.
  6. Come with an open mind and relaxed attitude. Wedding planning can be stressful. Details, familial politics, finances... for your half our with us, we want you to focus on your dress and how it makes you feel - and that only. We always want the best for each of our clients. Trust us and come with an open mind to any recommendations or tips we may give during your fitting. We've been doing this for a long time! :)