BeFitted Bustles: The American Bustle

So you found your dream dress and it is everything you could ever want. It has all the drama and elegance that you've always desired in a gown, including a flowy, gorgeous train that is absolutely breathtaking.

But now you're wondering: how on earth am I going to wear this dress for 8 hours with this huge train behind me all night?

The answer is a bustle! A bustle is a set of buttons, eyes and hooks, or ties that pick up your train off the ground to make your gown a more even-lengthened dress. This means that you can greet your guests, enjoy the reception, and dance the night away without having to worry about stepping on your dress or worse, having someone else step on your dress and risk tearing or damaging it.

A beautiful bustle can refresh the aesthetic of your wedding dress and give you a whole second look and set of pictures during the reception. Take a peak below to see four American style bustles we did this season. American style bustles go over the back of the skirt, as opposed to French bustles that tuck the train under the skirt (stay tuned for a post on some French bustles we've done!)

We can help you get your dress bustled too. At BeFitted, we make bustles easy and simple. We'll even give you a diagram to take with you so that you and your girls don't have to waste precious wedding time figuring out how to get your dress bustled.

You can learn more about our bustle service offering by scheduling a wedding dress fitting using the button below.