A Mountain-Top Wedding: Lindsey

lindsey's dress journey

When we first saw Lindsey's dress we were speechless. Flowing with rich silk tulle, her classic white dress had a gorgeous lace bodice dress with a full skirt. It was dress fit for a princess!

Lindsey brought with her a small little bag that included additional fabric, and we were initially confused as to why she had requested it from the designer. She then explained that she wanted to add some loose sleeves to her dress for an off-the-shoulder look. We were already enamored with the dress as-is, but we knew it would be even more special with these custom sleeves we could sew in for her!

Fast forward a couple of fittings and several run-throughs of stretching her arms up toward the sky and we were finally able to set the sleeves so they sit perfectly on Lindsey's shoulders. Lindsey looked like Belle from Beauty and the Beast!

Another one in the books! Ah... wedding season.


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