A New Years Wedding: Dominque

DOMINQUE'S Dress Journey

When we first met Dominique, we knew she would be a blast to work with. With just about a month before her big New Year's Old Town Alexandria wedding, Dominique came to us to help her fit her gorgeous satin, tulle mermaid dress.

So we took "her" ("her" being Dominique's endearing way of referring to her wedding dress") out of the box she had been freshly shipped out of, got Dominique in the dress, put some pins to imagine the look, and got to work....

The tulle mermaid train of this dress is everything. But we knew it would be hard for Dominique to party and have good time while feeling like she was dragging the dress around... so we added a simple one-point bustle, discreetly hidden in the beaded details for a party-perfect fit!

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