A Mermaid Dress and Beachside Bahamas Wedding: Danielle

danielle's Dress Journey

I was on my way to Charlottesville, Virginia to meet with a client of ours when I got a call from a cheery young woman interested in enlisting our help to get her wedding dress fitting for a destination wedding in January. Having recently moved back to the Washington, D.C. area, she explained, she was looking for a trustworthy tailor to get her gorgeous lace and sequin mermaid silhouette dress fitted for her upcoming nuptials.

So, after chatting with Danielle, I helped her book an appointment using our online system, and we met up, on a brisk, windy November afternoon! 

For this dress, BeFitted tightened in the top of the bodice, fitted the sides, and added in bra padding to fill the bust. We also hemmed the length to Danielle's height, carefully lining the geometric pattern to fall exactly in line. Scrupulously matching each line of beading and sequins took a great deal of time and attention, but was 1000% worth it to let the beauty of this dress speak for itself!

Danielle, we wish you, your daughter, and your new husband the very, very best!

BeFitted Tailoring Co