BeFitted Bustles: The French Bustle

A few months ago, we did a post on the American Bustle. Here is installment two of our bustle series on French Bustles!

A French Bustle involves a series of ties that go under the dress. They are great for A-line dresses and ball gowns, and give great movement - that beautiful swish, swish when you’re waltzing on the dance floor.

Take a look at some of our favorite French bustles over the past year, and book your appointment with us to see what kind of bustle we can get for you!

3 Things to Do Before Your First Wedding Dress Fitting

So you booked your first wedding dress fitting with BeFitted. You’ve found the right dress and she is MAGICAL. You’re super pumped and excited to see how we can get your dress looking wedding-ready…

Before you come into our studio, we recommend that you prep yourself by thinking through the following three items:

1) Try your dress on at home first before you come in. Before you come in for your first fitting, make sure that your dress is the one. Ask yourself some practical questions - can you imagine yourself wearing this dress for 8+ hours? Can you sit down? Will you be able to go to the bathroom? If you find yourself grimacing at the thought of wearing this dress all day long, take a second to check in with yourself and make sure that this is the right dress for you on your big day before you go through the effort of custom tailoring the gown.

2) Come ready to make decisions. Now that you have triple-checked that you’ve selected the right dress, come ready to make decisions. Would you rather have your dress bustled, or do you want the length the same way all around? Are you comfortable with wearing a tight, strapless dress or do you want to add straps to your dress? Are you willing to wear a stick-on bra or sewn-in cups to achieve that beautiful illusion-back look? Make sure you think through what you are envisioning before you come to our studio, as we’ll be looking at you to call the shots on customizations.

Make sure that you have finalized your shoe selection and bring those shoes with you!

3) Have an open mind and get ready to have some fun! When you come into the studio, we’ll get you in your dress and make some recommendations for how we can make your dress fit and feel even better. We may give you some advice on accessories to choose, bra options, or use of dress tape so come with an open mind, ready to imagine what your big day could be like. And don’t forget that this is supposed to be a fun experience! We’re getting prepped for the big day and it’s meant to be cheery and fun, so leave the stress of your day at the door.

Sound good to you? We are ready for you!

Cascading Organza and an Epic Entrance: Britt's Completely Custom Gown

We got a taste of our own little royal wedding with Britt’s beautiful wedding dress. Britt brought us a beautiful custom-made organza gown that fluttered every time she moved. We fell in love with the dress (and the gal!!) and even showed up on Britt’s wedding day to help her get ready!

Just look at our regal bride. Britt, you are a beaut inside and out. Congratulations, love!

A Two-Piece Wonder: Julia's Sparkling Gown

When Julia first came to BeFitted, we all had a hearty laugh; the dress designer had created a slip that dipped so low that it was practically open in the back! We got right to work to customize her dress for her, and boy did the results pay off!

We took the dress in at the waist (both the slip and the sequin overlay!), shortened the length, created a bustle, and added in sewn-in cups.

Here is our gorgeous girl, looking like a QUEEN, on her big day. So much love for you Julia!

A Sequined Wonder: Maegan's Beaded Tulle Gown

Maegan came to us in a jam, and we are so glad we got to work on this gorgeous beaded tulle dress. In the end, she looked stunning and even had her corgi at her wedding!

Our favorite part about this dress? The epic French bustle!!

Congrats sweet Maegan!

Photo Credit: @AnnaSchmidtPhoto

Going Full Backless Baby: Ren's Gorgeous Exposed Back Dress

Our hearts are full to the brim when we think of our sweet Ren and her gorgeous lace gown. When Ren first came to BeFitted, her dress was so big that it was slipping off her shoulders. We altered this dress head to toe for our sweet girl, and we couldn't be happier with the end results. The completely exposed back was a little tricky given it's gravity-defying nature, but hey, when you're rocking with the best bridal styling boutique in town, it's no biggie :)

Photo Credits: @CaseyCrowTaylor photography.

Summer Wedding Giveaway: Win a Free Wedding Dress Preservation Package!

Calling all local #NOVABrides and #DCBrides - we're doing a summer giveaway! Enter to win a full wedding dress cleaning and preservation package (including your wedding veil) after your wedding by hitting "Like" on our Facebook page. 

We'll pick a winner at the end of July! Brides who book a wedding dress fitting and consultation appointment with us using the code "SUMMER" will get an additional entry!

This offer is open only for local brides in the Alexandria, Virginia area. 

Soft Floral Layers for an Outdoor Wedding: Sonja's Graceful Illusion-back Dress

Sonja's gorgeous gown had lace florets on the front and back of the dress, which meant that we couldn't hem the front of the dress traditionally. We instead had to move up the skirt from the waist so that we could keep the beautiful scalloped lace! This was certainly a labor of love but Sonja's sweet nature and peaceful spirit.

We are so happy with Sonja's gorgeous gown! Congrats sweet gal!

BeFitted Bustles: The American Bustle

So you found your dream dress and it is everything you could ever want. It has all the drama and elegance that you've always desired in a gown, including a flowy, gorgeous train that is absolutely breathtaking.

But now you're wondering: how on earth am I going to wear this dress for 8 hours with this huge train behind me all night?

The answer is a bustle! A bustle is a set of buttons, eyes and hooks, or ties that pick up your train off the ground to make your gown a more even-lengthened dress. This means that you can greet your guests, enjoy the reception, and dance the night away without having to worry about stepping on your dress or worse, having someone else step on your dress and risk tearing or damaging it.

A beautiful bustle can refresh the aesthetic of your wedding dress and give you a whole second look and set of pictures during the reception. Take a peak below to see four American style bustles we did this season. American style bustles go over the back of the skirt, as opposed to French bustles that tuck the train under the skirt (stay tuned for a post on some French bustles we've done!)

We can help you get your dress bustled too. At BeFitted, we make bustles easy and simple. We'll even give you a diagram to take with you so that you and your girls don't have to waste precious wedding time figuring out how to get your dress bustled.

You can learn more about our bustle service offering by scheduling a wedding dress fitting using the button below.

Going Sleeveless with a Corset Back: Linda's Dress Redesign

When Linda first came into BeFitted, she put on her beautiful dress, full of smiles and then told us that she wanted us to chop off the sleeves to her dress. We were shocked, but went with her on this journey to create the most beautiful, well-fitting ruffled gown!

We also helped Linda's mom (seen behind her!) fit her dress as well. Congratulations beautiful Linda! You looked just as gorgeous as we knew you would.